Indian Clay
  • Inian Healing Clay
  • Inian Healing Clay
  • Inian Healing Clay
  • Inian Healing Clay
  • Inian Healing Clay

Indian Clay


  • ✔ HIGHEST THERAPEUTIC GRADE -Pure Original Indian Healing Clay is 100% Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay.
  • ✔ REMARKABLE RESULTS: Face/Body/Hair Mask for Detox and Rejuvenation. Hypoallergenic and recommended for Sensitive skin. Our Bentonite Clay is 100% Pure, Chemical-Free, Cruelty-Free and contains no additives.
  • ✔ MINERAL RICH: Increases Blood Flow and brings life back into to skin giving a Radiant Glow. Revitalizes skin and hair with Minerals to make your skin and hair Healthier and Better looking.
  • ✔ DEEP PORE CLEANSING: Helps with Acne prone skin. Shrinks pores for flawless looking skin. Anti-Aging for soft, supple, touchable skin. Regenerates Skin Tissue to Diminish Wrinkles and Tighten Skin to Bring Youthfulness back to your skin.
  • ✔ ENJOY PURE ORIGINAL Amazing Indian Healing Clay with the peace of mind that we back our offer with a 30-day unconditional MONEY BACK guarantee. You will be amazed by the results.
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Make Your Skin Look Brand New & Feel Rejuvenated With Pure Original Indian Healing Clay

Looking for a Treatment Mask that can truly do miracles for your skin without any artificial additives, preservatives or chemical substances?

Then you should look no further than Pure Original Bentonite Clay. The purest, vitamin and mineral rich, natural type of Clay you can find

Feel Your Skin Smooth, Velvety & Silky Today!

Pure Original Bentonite clay, is a healing clay best known for its skin healing properties.

When applied to the skin, it essentially absorbs toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin.

It’s coloring can range from light gray to off-white with little to no odor. It’s filled with minerals and has a shelf life of 4-5 years.

One Pound of Clay makes approximately 10-15 facials..

Additionally our Sodium Bentonite Clay helps treat Acne by giving the skin a deep pore cleansing

This Indian Healing Clay Has BEEN LOVED AND WORSHIPED For Centuries



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